A Guide to Fireside Chairs

With exceptional neck, head and lumbar support, fireside chairs are designed to offer the utmost comfort to the elderly and people with disabilities. Fireside chairs are ideal when you want to improve your comfort level when sitting.

Whether you are experiencing pain in specific parts of your body, need extra lumbar support or simply need a chair with wooden knuckles on the armrests for added support when getting up or down, a fireside chair offers a range of benefits.

Keep Warm in Winters by the Fireplace

Fireside chairs are specifically designed to lock heat within the seat, especially when they are placed right in front of the fireplace. The wings protruding from the sides of the backrest are designed to lock the heat within the seat, making your seat warm and cosy.

This means that when the nights draw in and the weather gets cold outside, you can spend the night relaxing comfortably near the fireplace sitting on this chair.

Add a Touch of Class to Your Living Room

The tall back of a fireplace chair with its luxuriant fabrics and deep-buttoned tufting, makes it an opulent addition to your living room. When you want to add a touch of class to your living room, a fireside chair is all you need.

These wing chairs are available in a range of trendy designs to complement your interiors. Look no further than Mobility Direct North for the most opulent range of fireside chairs in the North East.

Fireside Chairs are Designed for Comfort

A fireside chair features a low-height seat, cushioned seating and back arms and lots of space, making it one of the most comfortable chairs available in the market.

Place them Anywhere in the House

These chairs aren’t just for the living room or the fireplace. Fireplace chairs can be placed anywhere in the house. Add it to your bedroom, backyard, porch, balcony or anywhere else in the home. They are as good an addition in the office too.

What’s more, fireplace chairs can be placed with different furniture pieces to create a unique look in your room.

Buy Fireside Chairs in Newcastle

At Mobility Direct North, we have a wide range of equipment available for your mobility needs. Whether you are looking for mobility aids or fireside chairs in the North East, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today for assistance.