Benefits of a Mobility Walker

Mobility walkers are assistive devices to help people experiencing limited mobility as a result of age, injury or medical conditions. A walker is suitable for people who manage to walk but need additional support for maintaining stability and balance. Walkers can be 2-, 3- or 4-legged, and enable users to lean on the device when support is needed to move forward.

Let’s take a look at some significant benefits of a mobility walker.

Better Weight Support

Compared to canes, crutches, and other standard walking sticks, a mobility walker supports more weight. If you are looking for a reliable companion to help you walk indoors or through short distances outdoors, a mobility walker is best.

Less Strain

Walkers come with a range of features that make walking easier and safe for users. There are handgrips, for example, which enable users to put their weight on the device or rest as needed.
Walker wheels help maintain stability on difficult terrains without putting a strain on knees.

Greater Safety

Walkers minimise risks of accidents and injuries by providing users with improved balance. Modern walkers come with an array of features, which makes walking less intimidating for users.

Rollator type walkers come with safety hand brakes for greater control over movement. Height-adjustable varieties enable users to find the right height, which provides enhanced support and balance, making walking highly safe.

There are heavy-duty designs made of reliable metals such as heavy gauge steel tubing to accommodate users on the heavier side.

A Happier Solution

The range of stylish designs, colours, and features, makes walkers a cool device. Users are not embarrassed when seen with a walker. The device builds their confidence, making them look beyond their disability.

More Independence

By being able to walk on their own, users become more independent. Features such as rest seats, baskets and storage options, make the walker convenient, enabling users to accomplish a range of daily tasks without help.

Features such as foldability and portability extend the boundaries of independence for users. They can travel with their walkers and use them anywhere

From light-weight mobility walkers to heavy duty varieties, Mobility Direct North offers a range of high-quality walkers. Our devices are a great investment, giving you years of fantastic performance at affordable prices.

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