Benefits of Our Power Chairs

The elderly and people restricted by their disability have experienced significant improvement in their lives with the innovative technology of power chairs.

Also known as electric wheelchairs, power chairs allow people to move within their community and home while affording maximum independence for those with limited mobility. They are also ideal for those who lack the cardiovascular strength or motor function to operate a manual wheelchair.

At Mobility Direct North, we offer a range of power chairs in Newcastle and across North East. Our clients have benefited greatly from the powerful features and functions of our power chairs.

Benefits of Our Power Chairs

Power wheelchairs are loaded with features making it easy for you to recline the seat, tilt it or even elevate the leg rests. These features make the power chair an important part of daily life for those who need rehabilitation.

Here are some important benefits of using a power wheelchair.

  • Save Energy – Using a power chair helps you conserve your energy. This is important for those with disabilities like post-polio syndrome and multiple sclerosis. A power chair allows you to stay mobile without doing a lot of muscle work or spending a lot of energy. This allows them to save their energy for activities that are important to them.
  • Dynamic Movement – A power chair allows a person to shift their posture through the day effortlessly. This keeps the patient functional and productive at all times. The periodic movements help ease the pain. By accessing power seating function allows them to move in their wheelchair. This allows them more freedom in their daily life.
  • Travel Greater Distances – For those who must travel long distances, a power chair offers the perfect solution. You can easily travel distances without feeling any discomfort all the while staying stable and in control.
  • Space Saving – A folding power chair is a practical solution when you are constrained for space. Moreover, power chairs have a smaller turning radius. This means that you can manoeuvre them easily in small spaces.

Quality Power Chairs in Newcastle and North East

At Mobility Direct North, we stock some of the best power chairs in the UK. Whether you are looking for a modern design, a powerful power chair or something to suit your budget, we can help you choose the right power chair to suit your requirements.

With three showrooms across the North East, we assure you of a friendly service. Should you need expert advice or have a question, our professional staff are on hand to provide assistance. We are also able to arrange an in-home demo if you can’t make it to our shops.

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