Boot Scooters – The Best Way To Travel


If you find that your manoeuvrability isn’t quite what it used to be and all of a sudden easy tasks have become near impossible to do then a mobility scooter is just what you need.

For most people keeping a level of independence in their lives is important. This can be difficult when you suffer from back or joint pain which prohibits you from carrying out day to day tasks. A mobility scooter is the perfect way to get back out there with the confidence you deserve.

We understand that searching for the ideal mobility scooter to suit your needs can be a daunting task, especially when you’re new to this. It is, therefore, our pleasure to enlighten you on the advantages of the boot scooter.

An array of advantages

The boot scooter is a massively popular choice when it comes to choosing a mobility scooter. This may be a result of the benefits the boot scooter offers that you can’t get from the pavement and road options.

Firstly, the boot scooter is a lighter option which makes it a lot easier to transport and manoeuvre. This would make it perfect for a trip to your local supermarket.

What’s more, the boot scooter (as the name suggests) is the easiest to transport because it can fold up to fit in the boot of your car. This foldable option makes the boot scooter vastly popular with mobility scooter users because practicality is important.

Boot scooters are light and easy to fold down which means that storing it in the home is no longer a problem. It will take up minimal space which makes it favourable instantly.

The fact that it folds down is also a huge bonus when it comes to transportation. If you drive or travel in a car from time to time the boot scooter allows you to have mobility at your desired destination. You can drive to the supermarket and simply unfold the scooter in the car park to use inside.

Other scooter options will not allow this level of freedom to transport in a vehicle. This makes the boot scooter the most practical of choices.

At Mobility Direct North you will have a plethora of boot scooters to pick from. Whether it be a statement pink option to keep you looking fresh, or a sporty boot scooter that is ideal for whizzing around the supermarket in you can be sure to find your perfect match with us.