Choosing the Right Rise & Recliner Chair

A rise & recliner chair helps senior adults and people with mobility problems to sit in, and get up from, the chairs with ease and without straining their joints and muscles. A proper study of your mobility needs is important to choose the right chair.

Go for a trusted product provider and consider the following factors when choosing rise & recliner chairs.

Choose a Motor that Suits Your Requirements

There are 2 types of motors powering a rise & recliner chair – single and dual.

With a single motor, a chair offers limited functions – lifting and reclining. So, you can have your feet up while reclining.

A dual-motored chair assigns two separate motors for controlling back and footrest. So, the user gets to use different sitting positions. In addition, this type of chair provides a greater reclining angle, and is suitable for users who want to sleep in the chair.

A reputed dealer of rise & recliner chairs will take time to explain the benefits of each type for you to make an informed decision.

Save Space with Wallhugger Chairs

A wallhugger rise & recliner chair requires minimal clearance from the wall compared to other types of recliner chairs. Therefore, you can use these chairs in tight spaces without damaging recliner upholstery or your wall. These chairs are similar to single-motored chairs in features.

Test your Recliner Chair

Sit on the chair and assess how comfortable you feel.

  • For optimal comfort, a seat should be wide enough to let you sit comfortably. But, it should not be too wide to compromise body support.
  • For the right fit, use the finger test. There should be a reasonably comfortable space between the seat and your knees to let two fingers in.
  • You should be able to place your thighs at level with each other, and your lower legs in a straight position.
  • For intact support, the seat must allow you to sit comfortably with your bottom well back into the chair. You should be able to rest your feet flatly on the floor.
  • Mobility Direct North offers superior quality rise & recliner chairs with impressive warranty. As a company with several years of experience in catering to mobility needs of the aged and physically-disabled, we can aptly guide you in choosing the right chair.

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