Driving on Icy Pavements

Mobility scooters give you the freedom to go about your routine work without any hindrance. However, with the temperatures dipping, it won’t be long before it starts snowing heavily. It is important to keep safe while driving on icy pavements.

It would be a good idea to send your mobility scooter to our Newcastle dealership for servicing and maintenance to ensure it’s ready for driving in the chilly winter months. Here are our top tips to keep safe when driving your mobility scooter on icy pavements.

Avoid Deep Snow

Most mobility scooters can work well with snow up to six inches. However, if the snow is any deeper, avoid driving your scooter in the snow. There are chances that you might get stuck while driving in these conditions. The snow can also damage your scooter. If it is snowing heavily, use a different route or wait for the snow to clear.

Avoid Speeding

Icy pavements can be dangerous as the vehicle can skid off and you might not be able to control it. When you are driving on icy pavements, avoid speeding. Keep well within the specified speed limit of 4mph. It is a good idea to drive slowly when turning the scooter on an icy pavement. The scooter can be the most unstable at this time and it is important to decrease speed.

Stick to a Familiar Route

Pavements can be damaged when it snows continuously. When you are driving the mobility scooter, be aware of broken pavements or similar obstacles. Some pavements could be slanted sideways, and this can be even more dangerous when it is snowing. It is a good idea to stick to routes that you know to prevent any falls or accidents.

Install Snow Tyres

Slippery roads can be extremely dangerous. It is a good idea to get nice quality, durable snow tyres fitted to your scooter. They help you get a good grip on the icy road, prevent incidents of tyre slippage and give you better control of the mobility scooter. Visit our mobility scooters showroom in North East to get a set of durable snow tyres.

Don’t Overload Your Scooter

It is best to avoid overloading your scooter to prevent accidents. In the winter months, you can expect the pavements to be icy and slippery at all times; driving a scooter that’s carrying too many bags or heavy items can easily make it go off-balance.

Check the Tyre Treads

Tyre treads can wear out after constant use, especially when you use the scooter in the snow. Tyres with damaged or worn out treads can lead to traction issues and make the scooter unstable when driving on icy and slippery pavements. If you have been using your mobility scooter for a long time, get the tyre treads checked by a mechanic at our mobility scooters dealership in Newcastle.


Keep these tips in mind when using your mobility scooter and have a safe winter. Please note that Mobility Direct North is open. However, due to the pandemic, we are facing a shortage of staff. Hence, if you have any repair requirements, feel free to leave the scooter outside and we will attend to it.

Please contact our Gosforth branch on 0191 285 4245 to arrange delivery and collection of equipment for replacement or repairs.