Driving Road Scooters

Unable to travel to local shops or visit friends due to mobility issues? Mobility products such as road scooters can make your travel easy and life comfortable. Road scooters are proper means of transport that you can use on the pavement as well as on the road.

Road Scooters from Mobility Direct North

Looking for road scooters in North East? Mobility Direct North has a wide range of road scooters with full safety and comfort features. Combining modern aesthetics, easy and powerful driving, rotating seat, sensors for balance and control, road scooters are a great way to regain independence and move about all over Newcastle and beyond.

Your road scooter is a Class 3 scooter. It is mandatory to register your road scooter at DVLA. You should also know that your road scooter will attract a road tax. It is bigger as compared to Class 2 scooters and also heavy as it comes with a bigger motor. You will need a separate parking area or garage to store your road scooter.

Using a Road Scooter Safely

Road scooters in Newcastle and North East come with a wide variety of features to suit your purpose. You can get features such as an adjustable headrest, armrests, handle bars, all-round suspension and more for your road scooter. You can also choose a sensor model that will be helpful if you have difficulty balancing and controlling.

Avoid deep snow and speeding when using your road scooter. Remember that you can use your road scooter at a maximum speed of 8mph on the road and 4mph if it is on non-road areas.

Always buy a road scooter that is appropriate for your weight and height. Make sure you are aware of all the controls before you start going out. Also, make sure the battery is always fully charged.

In-Store Pandemic Protocols

All of us at Mobility Direct North are committed to providing you with the best service, whether online or in-store. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, we are taking the utmost precautions for our staff and our customers while providing in-store service. We are working with fewer staff and the mandatory sanitisation procedures, adhering to Covid-19 guidelines.

For your utmost safety, we request you to leave your mobility scooter outside when visiting our store for repairs or purchase. We know you will understand why this is necessary. Alternatively, if you prefer an in-home demonstration for any of our mobility products, we will be happy to oblige.