Fitting a Stairlift into your Home


A stair lift offers a convenient and safe way for people with reduced mobility to move between floors independently. It is, however, important to choose a stair lift that fits your mobility needs to maximise safety and efficiency.

If you are looking to fit a stair lift into your home, here are some key aspects to consider.

Find the Right Lift

Stair lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on your requirements. A standard lift consists of a track on one side of the stairs, and an in-built chair. A chair fitted to the lift moves the user up and down this track. Lift movement is managed using controls on the chair.

If the user is wheelchair-bound, a wheelchair lift is the best option. These lifts are designed to accommodate users along with their wheelchairs.

Space Requirements

The width of a staircase is of essence in installing stair lifts. A minimum width of 29” is usually enough to fit a stair lift. If you have narrow stairs, straight stair lifts are best. Curved, L-shaped and wheelchair lifts need more width for comfortable seating and safe movement.

If you have an outdoor staircase that leads to your front or back door, an outdoor lift can be a practical solution.

Stair lifts are usually installed alongside a wall. Therefore, one way to gauge if a staircase has enough space to accommodate a lift is to do the following:
Place a chair at the foot of the staircase with its back to the wall. Sit on the chair and stretch back as far as possible against the wall while keeping the knees on the edge of the chair. If you are able to sit comfortably with enough space for your feet and knees, you could consider adding a stair lift.

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