Get your Scooter Fixed by a Professional


A mobility scooter can cause problems after a period of usage. It is important to get it back to safely operating as soon as possible, to get on with your life.

If you are considering a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) repair to save money, here are some reasons why a trusted technician is better at handling your mobility scooter repairs:

Personal Safety

DIY repair without expert knowledge of mobility scooter parts and their working mechanisms could result in accidents.

For example, if your mobility scooter is not moving, there can be several reasons. One could be disengagement of the freewheel lever. Disengagement of the lever enables you to push or move the scooter without power.

You need to re-engage the lever to be able to move the scooter. Knowledge of lever location is therefore essential. Though vehicle manual can guide you, you need to be aware of safe repair practices.

Following the example above, the lever should be re-engaged only on levelled surfaces. Re-engaging the lever disengages the vehicle’s brake system. Therefore, by re-engaging it on an inclined surface, you face the risk of the vehicle rolling down.

Access to Specialised Tools

A workshop specialising in mobility scooter repairs will have every tool required to handle any problem, from basic to complex and advanced. As a DIY trouble-shooter, this can be extremely difficult for you. You’ll have to be knowledgeable of repair tools, and then spend money to get them.

Hiring a trustworthy mobility scooter repair company is a highly practical and cost-effective solution compared to this troublesome alternative.

Prevent Other Vehicle Issues before they Escalate

A professional mobility scooter repairs service will not only resolve existing vehicle problems efficiently but will also bring to your notice any dormant issues that may escalate and compromise your safety in future.

In addition to safety, timely attendance to such issues saves you time and money.

Based in the North East, Mobility Direct North offers best-in-class mobility scooter repair services. We have our own workshop and in-house technicians, which ensures timely and faster service.

If you own a scooter purchased from us through Motability scheme, then we offer a 48-hour repair service guarantee on the breakdown of such vehicles. We’ll pick up, repair, service and return the vehicle within the allotted time, or we’ll loan a scooter for the additional time.

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