Getting a Stairlift Installed in your Home


A stairlift is a machine that’s designed to move people up and down the stairs. It’s helpful for seniors who find climbing up and down the stairs difficult. They are also a great aid for people with mobility issues.

A stairlift consists of a chair, which carries people up and down, along a track that’s installed against the stairs. The chair features a battery-powered motor located in its base, which drives the machine up and down.

Lets’ take a look at some of the benefits a stairlift offers.

Complete Safety

Climbing up and down the stairs can be an overwhelming task for the elderly and people with limited mobility. Sometimes, they may even dread climbing the stairs for the fear of falling.

With a high-quality stairlift, you have the assurance of safety and complete peace of mind.

Mobility Direct North offers a wide range of stairlifts in the North East. Our stairlifts can be operated easily and are extremely safe to use.

Excellent Body Support

Well-designed stairlifts help maintain good balance while moving up and down. Individuals who depend on a stick or other assistive devices to move around often find it very difficult to climb the stairs.

The lack of balance increases the risk of slip and fall hazards.

With stairlifts, the risk of accidents is minimised. Stairlifts from reputed brands offer utmost seating comfort. They also allow users to adjust their footpads in the most comfortable position. Some stairlifts even feature armrests to give good arm-support.

As a result, you will be well-cushioned and completely protected while moving up and down the stairs.

Experience Better Quality of Life

Efficient stairlifts are one of the best assistive devices you can use for moving up and down without any stress. Climbing and getting down the stairs can be an extremely painful task for those with osteoarthritis and joint problems.

Such conditions, in addition to restricting movement, can make you feel helpless and distressed for you have to depend on someone every day to get the job done.

With stairlifts installed in your home, you can improve the life of your family members and help them take charge of their lives.

Become independent and improve the quality of your life with high quality stairlifts from Mobility Direct North. Our stairlifts offer the best features, comfort and value for money.

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