Getting your home ready for Autumn

The autumn months may be cosy, but only if your house is prepared for it. If not, you may find that the cold weather can bring a lot of stress and additional expense.

As autumn draws closer and we prepare to bid goodbye to summer, it’s time to think about preparing your home for the coming months.

Beat the cold weather, blustery winds and rainy days with these tips to prepare your home for autumn.

Get the boiler serviced

A boiler servicing could be expensive and may not even be on your mind, especially if it’s tucked away and out of sight. However, you don’t want your boiler to stop working in the middle of winter, leaving you out cold. Be sure to have the boiler serviced before autumn kicks off and get set for cosy days of autumn and winter.

Clean the fireplace

If you plan on using the fireplace in the autumn months, it pays to prepare it. Place old in the fireplace area and get rid of all loose dust and ashes using a broom and shovel. Next, clean the soot from the brick using a wire brush. To clean off the remaining soot and dust, be sure to use baking soda and warm water.

Check gutters and put the tools away

Clean the gutters around the house before the nights draw in. When the build-up of leaves and debris goes unchecked, it can result in leaks. Begin cleaning away the garden furniture to ensure it stays protected during the colder months. Be sure to stow away all garden tools to ensure they remain in good condition.

Reprogramme the thermostat

Change the temperature settings so your home is ready for the colder weather. Ensure the house is warm when family members are the most active (mornings and evenings). Similarly, consider setting to a lower temperature by several degrees when the family is sleeping or away.

Set it up with autumnal colours

Combine subtle yellows, deep reds and rich oranges with earthy shades of brown to create a warm environment and bring in the autumn indoors.

Whether you are painting the living room, re-upholstering the sofa or buying new accessories, use these colours to incorporate autumnal colours in your home.

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