Getting your Mobility Scooter Ready for Spring

The spring season has arrived, and it’s the perfect time to step outdoors. The days are longer and brighter, so it’s the perfect time to take out your mobility scooter and head into town or visit family.

If like many people, you stowed away your mobility scooter during the winter months, you must take some important steps to get it ready for your springtime sojourns.

In this blog, we discuss some crucial steps you can take to get your mobility scooter ready for spring. Alternatively, take it to your nearest mobility scooter dealership in Newcastle for a quick inspection and servicing!

Clean Your Mobility Scooter

If your mobility scooter has been sitting in the shed, garage or backyard during the winter months, it may have gathered dust, dirt and grime. You may even find spiders making a home on your scooter.

Begin by wiping away all dust or dirt using a dry cloth before using a damp cloth to wipe away any marks. Avoid getting the electrical parts or the battery wet.

Get Rid of Debris from Tyres

Check the scooter’s tyres for debris like mud, dirt, twigs and other objects. Use a flashlight to carefully inspect the tyres and the surrounding areas.

If you find any debris, be sure to remove it with care. Check the tyres for excessive wear or damage. If you find that the tyres are worn out, be sure to visit your nearest mobility scooter dealership in the North East for tyre replacement.

Check the Batteries

The next step is to check the batteries are working correctly. The first step is to carry out a visual inspection to ensure there’s no residue like battery acid around the terminals.

Next, charge the battery. If the battery does not charge correctly (or does not charge at all), it could be because of the temperature it was stored at.

Batteries must be stored at or slightly lower than room temperature.

Before you take your scooter out for your first spring ride, be sure to charge it for at least 12 to 15 hours. After charging, you can take the scooter for a test drive to check its performance and battery range.

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