Helping You Take the Next Step

Is ill-health making it difficult for you to navigate the stairs? Do you want to experience freedom despite your disability? Does the thought of climbing up or down the stairs in your home give you nightmares? There is help at hand from Mobility Direct North, your one-stop solution for all kinds of mobility products including stairlifts in North East.

Benefits of Stairlifts

Life can get tedious for someone who finds it difficult to use the stairs. Moving about your own home can take hours. Not being able to use the stairs can also mean increased dependency on caregivers for simple tasks in daily life.

Stairlifts are just the answer when you want to move up and down the stairs safely and independently. With comfortable ergonomic seating, powered options and remote control for easy operation, stairlifts can be installed easily for almost all types of staircases.

At Mobility Direct North, we understand your mobility needs. Our stairlift designs are perfect for comfortable movement. The stairlifts are also designed to run for a limited number of trips even when there’s a power cut.

Stairlifts to Suit Every Requirement

We offer a wide range of stairlifts that will give you respite from the everyday challenge of climbing stairs. Our stairlifts in Newcastle come with both retractable and clip seat belt options.

Choose the 1000 Straight stairlift with multiple charge points, safety sensors and remote controls or the 950 Compact or 950+ Straight that can be charged anywhere on the track. These stairlifts are also among the slimmest in the range. The 2000 Curved stairlift gives you the extra benefit of traveling around corners and bends as well.

Our friendly team would be happy to give you a demo of our stairlifts in the comfort of your home. Simply connect with us to schedule your appointment and we’ll take care of the rest.

Service During the Pandemic

Mobility Direct North is committed to offering our customers unmatched service, even during the pandemic. All our stores are open and you can visit us to explore our product range, expert advice or assistance.

However, the COVID-19 guidelines require us to work with lesser staff than usual and follow strict sanitisation protocols. You may have to leave your mobility scooter outside when you come to our store for purchase or repairs. Other than that, we are always here to help you take that next step, or staircase! Contact us today!