How a Rise & Recline Chair Can Help You


Rise and recline chairs are adjustable furniture that go beyond being just chairs. They aid the elderly and people with mobility issues in enjoying a comfortable lifestyle and increased independence.

However, if you want to make the most of your purchase, be sure to purchase from reliable supplier of rise and recline chairs. If you are a senior citizen or an individual with limited mobility, here are some ways in which a rise and recline chair can be a valuable addition to your life:

Change Postures Easily

Sitting, standing and getting up from a chair can put pressure on the limbs, joints, knees and spinal cord. Sitting on a chair for longer intervals can also be an issue. The condition can be worse for elderly people suffering from arthritis or paralysis.

A rise and recline chair features a design that enables you to lift its rear portion. This design makes it easy for you to get up from the chair and stand thereby minimising stress on the body.

Reduce Stress on the Heart

Some postures put a lot of stress on the heart and increase muscle tension. This may worsen health problems for the elderly, and make movements highly difficult for people with disabilities.

With a rise and recline chair, getting into a posture is extremely easy, which helps prevent such unhealthy stress.

Helps You to Relax

You can adjust the chair to achieve a reclining position, and assume a relaxing posture from where you are. This is a lot more comfortable and stress-free than having to sit up and reposition yourself to a lying position frequently. This feature is highly beneficial for individuals who have been paralysed.

Provides Excellent Back Support

Users who need to be limited to their chairs because of a medical condition or disability can suffer from chronic back pain. With their different adjustable positions, recliner chairs can greatly help in minimising this pain by providing firm back support.

Choose a rise and recline chairs dealer that offers a wide range of options in terms of features, material, fabric, battery life and weight capacity.

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