How Independent Living Aids Can Benefit You


Rather than simply accepting a loss of mobility, independent living aids enable you to live a full and fulfilled life regardless of your age or disability. At Mobility Direct North, we offer a variety of products that can help you with different tasks around the home and outdoors:

Mobility Scooters

We offer a range of new and second-hand mobility scooters that are road legal and can be used to quickly get you from A to B. Mobility scooters are extremely easy to drive, and are safe and cheap to maintain.

Walking Aids

For people who enjoy the fitness and social benefits of walking but who have limited mobility, there are a range of high-quality walking aids available. We supply a variety of lightweight, three or four wheel walkers that offer you support when out shopping and that can be folded away conveniently when not in use. Most of our models come with storage baskets to make shopping easy. Each of our products is strong and built to last a lifetime.

Stair lifts

Why move out of your beloved home just because you find it difficult to climb stairs? Modern stair lifts, such as the Acorn Stair lifts we provide, are unobtrusive and can be adapted to fit most home layouts. A stair lift means you can use your whole home and continue to live independently.

Rise and Recliner Chairs

Our range of stylish rise and recliner chairs offer you a luxurious sitting experience, with added assistance when you need to get up. They are especially suited for people who experience discomfort sitting down or joint pain when moving around. Available in a range of modern and traditional styles, our rise and recliner chairs are indistinguishable from contemporary armchairs, but with added convenience and function.

Independent Living Aids are designed to give you freedom, dignity and independence, whatever stage of life you are at. Our range of products are carefully selected to help you enjoy life to the full. Browse our online catalogue of more than 300 products and get in touch for more information.