How to Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible?

Making your home wheelchair accessible is important to be able to move around freely and execute your day-to-day tasks with minimal dependence on other people. You may need to make some significant changes to your home but that does not mean you have to renovate completely.

In this post, we take a look at some crucial changes you may need to make to ensure your home is wheelchair-friendly. If you’re in search of high-quality manual or electric wheelchairs in the North East, visit Mobility Direct North.

Add Entrance Ramps

Ramps are necessary if your entrance has steps. The type of ramp you choose will depend on the number of steps and their size. You’ll need handrails along with the ramp.

Widen the Doorway

Your doorway should be wider than the wheelchair for easy access.

Standard wheelchairs are 25 inches wide. So, the doorway must be at least 35 inches wide to allow for easy wheelchair entry.

Installing automatic doors is a great way to make your home wheelchair accessible. You can operate these doors sitting on your wheelchair with a remote or even your smartphone.

Add a Stairlift or Platform Lift

If you live in a two-storey home, you may need a platform lift to take you upstairs. A stairlift is perfect if you can lift yourself off the wheelchair and seat yourself on the lift chair.

Install Wheelchair-Accessible Accessories in your Bathroom

  • Ensure the bathroom has at least 59 inches of free space to allow free movement of the wheelchair.
  • Allow at least 47 inches of space in front of the toilet bowl for adequate wheelchair movement.
  • Install strong grab rails around the toilet, bath and in the shower room.
  • Install the washbasin at a height that makes it accessible while you are sitting in the wheelchair.
  • Consider fitting a walk-in shower, bath and a shower commode chair.

Install Wheelchair-Friendly Work and Storage Spaces in the Kitchen

Lower the height of work surfaces in your kitchen so they are accessible from your wheelchair. Install base storage units instead of overhead cupboards for easy reach.

Opt for appliances with a side opening and operation so you won’t have to strain yourself.

Install switches and sockets at a height that’s easily reachable while on a wheelchair.


Adapting your home to a wheelchair should be smoother with these ideas. If you are looking to buy wheelchairs in Newcastle, visit Mobility Direct North today. With many years of experience in mobility solutions, we assure you of a fantastic service.