How to Store Your Mobility Scooter?

One question that many customers ask our team at Mobility Direct North is, how to store a mobility scooter properly.

Whether you are going out of town for a long period or owing to the weather, you may have to store your mobility scooter. For your scooter to continue performing smoothly, you must store it appropriately.

Here are our top tips for storing your mobility scooter.

Store in a Dry Place

Your mobility scooter will perform well for years when it’s not exposed to the elements and protected from the rain.

Be sure to store your mobility scooter in a safe, sheltered and dry location. Make sure the storage area has a mains electricity socket, which will allow you to charge your scooter easily.

A porch or a garage makes for an ideal storage spot. You may even store a small scooter inside your home so long as there’s safe access.

Be sure to reach the insurer’s policy guidelines on scooter storage so you can make sure you are complying with the policy requirements.

Clean the Scooter before Storing it

Be sure to clean the mobility scooter before you store it. This will not only help ensure it looks good but it is likely to boost its longevity.

This will not only help keep your scooter safe and secure but you also can catch any damages before they cause more trouble.

What’s more, cleaning any dirt or water will help you avoid corrosion. If water or any corrosive agent finds its way onto your scooter, it may corrode the machine or even damage the electronics.

Charge Your Battery Regularly

When not used for a long time, the scooter’s battery may degrade with time. Be sure to keep the scooter charged, so it’s ready for use at all times.

For best results, charge the battery to about 60% capacity. Moreover, be sure to recharge it to this level at least once each month.

You must ensure that the battery never runs out of charge. If the battery gets empty, you are setting it up for irreversible damage.

The battery conserves most of its life at 40% charge. However, charging to 100% can affect its life span and even reduce its capacity sooner.

Check the Tyre Pressure

It’s equally important to ensure the scooter’s tyres remain in good condition even while in storage. Before you store it, be sure to check the tyre pressure and ensure it’s at the correct level as recommended by the manufacturer.

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