Take a load off: install a Stair-lift in your home

As we get older it’s no secret that our bodies begin to deteriorate somewhat and day to day tasks become more and more of a challenge. However, this need not be the case as there are plenty of advancements in technology that offer help and support to those who struggling with these common tasks.

One thing that many elderly and handicapped people struggle with in their daily lives is getting up and down the stairs. The knees are a part of the human body that take a lot of abuse over the years and this can cause people to avoid the stairs in their own home as much as possible.

The perfect solution to this problem is a stair-lift which can be a massive help to your life by allowing you to go up and down the stairs whenever you feel like it with incredible ease.

Tell-tale signs you need a stair-lift

  • If you have more than one floor in your home and using the stairs is hard work then it’s time to start making the most of your house all over again with a stair-lift.
  • If you’re unsteady on your feet then there is always a chance of tripping but a stair-lift could rule and danger of that out from day one.
  • If you lack confidence when it comes to your ability to climb stairs or feel out of breath after doing so then a stair-lift would be an ideal solution as it gives you the confidence to use your home to the full and abolishes and unnecessary energy spent.
  • Anyone who suffers from aches and pains should think about a stair-lift as they can offer you great back and leg support and it means you don’t need to inflict pain on yourself just to get to your bedroom.

Is your home suitable for a stair-lift?

A commonly asked question for people who are contemplating installing a stair-lift in their home is whether or not their home is suitable to have one. However, there is no need to worry as we provide stair-lifts to homes that have a curved banister, homes that have a narrow stair-case and we even provide stair-lifts to outdoor areas if you have an area of your garden that you cannot access due to stairs.

Why get one?

Adding a stair-lift to your home could be one of the best decisions you make because they will give you a new-found confidence that will allow you to feel happy to make full use of your home once more. Why move home to a property without stairs when you can simply add a stair-lift and have maximum freedom in the home you love.

A stair-lift can reduce risk of tripping down the stairs as well as giving your body a deserved break from this task that can be so strenuous to so many.

Our stair-lifts are of the highest quality yet very affordable and you can be sure to receive the very best service from our friendly and professional team who can install your new stair-lift quickly and effectively without making any structural changes to your home.
Get in touch today and learn more about our life changing stair-lifts.