Looking After Your Mobility Scooter

The second nationwide lockdown put in place by the government to tackle the increasing spread of COVID-19 has meant that you won’t be able to use your mobility scooter for the next few weeks.

However, it is important to maintain your mobility scooter in top form. This will help ensure it stays in good condition and is ready for use when the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your mobility scooter while you are sheltering at home.

Store it Safely

It’s important to store your scooter in the right environment and heck it regularly. This can help improve its life while ensuring it runs smoothly.

Store it in a clean, dry and secure space, preferably with a mains electrical socket so you can easily charge it while it’s in storage.

Keep the scooter clean to keep dirt from getting into any of the moving parts. Keep it dry to avoid corrosion. If it’s being stored outside, get a waterproof storage cover for protection from rain.

Clean the Mobility Scooter

Now might be a good time to clean your mobility scooter. Ensure the scooter is disconnected from the mains before you begin cleaning. Steer clear of oil-based or wax cleaners as they can damage the paintwork.

Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe dirt and dust off the body and electrical points. Use disinfectant wipes to clean the seat.

Maintain the Batteries

The scooter’s battery would decay when not in use for a long time. So make sure you are keeping the batteries fully charged even when it’s in storage and not being used.

After you’ve used your mobility scooter, charge the battery. Never let the batteries go flat. If you must use your scooter, avoid interrupting a charge cycle. It’s best to complete a charge cycle fully as excessive short-term charging could affect the battery life.

Don’t Take Things in Your Hands

If you find any problem with your scooter you can’t fix, feel free to contact Mobility Direct North and we will send out a repair technician.

Your mobility scooter is made of several moving parts. So if there’s an issue that you are not sure of, it’s best to let the professionals handle it.

Our mobility scooters dealership in Newcastle and North East is open for replacement equipment and repairs through our Gosforth branch and workshop.

Our drivers and engineers work in a safe and protected environment, using hand sanitisers, face coverings and keeping safe distance.

Call our Gosforth branch on 0191 285 4244 to book a callout.