Looking After your Mobility Scooter


Regular mobility scooter maintenance is an important aspect of owning a mobility scooter. Looking after your vehicle will ensure your personal safety and that of others. It will also extend the life of your mobility scooter, making it more cost-effective and reducing the expense of repairs.

Why Regular Mobility Scooter Maintenance is Important

Many mobility scooter owners will only take their vehicle for repairs when something goes wrong. This is a natural approach to vehicle maintenance and is the same attitude a lot of people have to their cars. However, regular maintenance is always the more cost-effective option, even when there are no apparent issues.
This is because a lot of mechanical faults are barely noticeable in the early stages. If addressed early, a qualified mobility scooter mechanic may be able to address the problem cheaply before it gets any worse. When left untreated, however, they can cause big issues that are expensive to repair. A regular schedule of maintenance is therefore the best way to look after your vehicle and ensure a long working life.

How to Look After your Mobility Scooter

If you suspect your scooter has a fault, you should always take it to a specialist unless you are a qualified mechanic yourself. However, there are general maintenance tasks that all mobility scooter owners can keep an eye on, that will help prevent avoidable issues:
1) Keep your scooter dry and clean: wipe off dust, dirt and excess moisture regularly to avoid rust build-up.
2) Shelter from the elements: if you store your scooter outside, get a buggy cover to protect it from rain and frost.
3) Look after your battery: Keep your batteries charged and in good working order, replacing them regularly. If you don’t use your scooter much in the winter, you should still make an effort to keep your battery topped up, or you may find yourself with a mechanical fault in the Spring.
4) Check your tyres: tyres wear down over time, so check them regularly to make sure the treads haven’t worn down and you haven’t contracted any punctures.

Mobility Scooter Maintenance from Mobility Direct North

We offer a mobility scooter maintenance service suitable for all models of mobility scooter. To keep your vehicle in top working condition throughout the year, book in for a general health check and service. Check out our website to further details.