Looking for Problems with your Mobility Scooter


Mobility scooters can be low-maintenance and highly reliable vehicles when purchased from a trustworthy vendor. But, occasionally, there might be some mobility scooter repairs that require the attention of a professional repair service.

Some problems that necessitate a trip or call to a professional mobility scooter repairs service provider, include:

Motor Problems

Mobility scooters are designed using high-strength motors that can withstand daily use. But, with time and exposure to rough elements outdoors such as puddles and curbs, motors tend to accumulate dirt and grime. This can lower the speed and performance of moving parts within the motor.

Motors are complex and delicate components. Call in professional help to identify and rectify the issue instead of trying to handle it yourself.

Battery Issues

Battery performance tends to decline over time. If the frequency of recharging your batteries has increased, it could be a signal for battery replacement. It could also be due to a battery damage.

Whether it is replacement or repair, a professional service provider can offer the best solution for your battery problems.

Tyre Damage

Tyres come into contact with stones and numerous other obstacles during usage indoors and outdoors, which can lead to damage. Tyre edges and tread areas are the most common damage-prone spots. The tread area becomes softer to the touch, indicating tyre damage. Constant usage over time leads to worn-out tyres. Tyre issues need to be addressed at the earliest. Contact a professional as soon as you encounter any signs of damage.

Regular maintenance as specified in your manual is the best way to keep your scooter in good condition. Examine your scooter constantly for any irregularities. In case of issues, visit a professional repair service instead of opting for cheaper alternatives or a DIY solution.

Mobility Direct North promises the best service for mobility scooter repairs. We are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and have in-house experts to attend to your vehicles. If you have purchased the mobility scooter from us, we offer pickup, service, and delivery within 48 hours. We will offer a temporary scooter if the repair takes longer.

Contact us at 0191 285 4245 for more details.