Staying Safe on your Mobility Scooter


Safety should be a top priority for owners of mobility scooters. Being cautious and adhering to safety precautions can reduce and prevent risks of injurious, or sometimes fatal, collisions on the roads.

If you are a user of the vehicle, here are some mobility scooter safety precautions that can keep you and other people on the road safe:

Get Medical Advice

Mobility scooters are specifically designed to cater to the needs of people with reduced mobility. But, a user would still need capabilities such as focus, adequate arm strength, limb coordination, and balance, to use the vehicle.

It is, therefore, crucial to visit your doctor to know if you are eligible to use a mobility scooter.

Vehicle that’s Right for You

When it comes to modern mobility scooters, the options are simply limitless. Specify your age, weight, seat height requirements, and mobility needs, to the manufacturer or dealer for them to come up with a suitable option.

The type of scooter varies depending on your environment of usage – indoors, outdoors, narrow areas such as shopping malls and office interiors, during travel, etc. For example, if you travel extensively, a compact lightweight and foldable mobility scooter that can fit into your car, is a good option.

Looks and style; performance factors such as maximum speed limit and battery power; and comfort level, are other key factors to consider.

Practise Riding the Scooter

Practising on the scooter enables you to become familiar with the vehicle and adjust to it efficiently. You’ll be more confident in your surroundings after steady practice. For increased mobility scooter safety, stick to traffic rules and use pedestrian crossing points for crossing roads.

Mobility scooters are an invaluable mode of transport for senior citizens and individuals with restricted movement. These vehicles enable users to retain their independence. Following mobility scooter safety precautions adds to the enjoyment of having your independence intact.

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