Mobility Tips for Getting Around in the Snow


Snowy conditions can make things difficult for everyone and more so for people with mobility issues. Fresh snow doesn’t pose much of a problem, but when it melts, it can get extremely slippery posing a hazard for the disabled and the elderly.

Follow these precautions to make your trips in the snow safe and fun.

Replace Worn-Out Crutch Tips

If you are a crutch user, then ensure that it is in a good condition before you take it outside on snowy days. Worn-out tips can weaken the grip and balance. So, be sure to replace them immediately. Consider using spiked tips as they offer better grip and balance. Wear sturdy snow boots when going out.

Use Walkers and Spiked Walking Sticks

If you are fond of using your walking stick, you may not find much use for it during the snow. A walking stick does not offer the grip and the balance you need during these slippery conditions. In fact, you are exposing yourself to a slip and fall hazard.

Consider using a spiked walking stick as it provides the extra grip and balance you need on snow. A four-legged walker is also a great idea as it provides impressive balance and support on snow.

Use Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are designed to keep you safe. They can give you the extra grip and balance you need on snowy roads.

Mobility scooters are lightweight yet strong enough to carry you through snow. They offer safety features such as an adjustable suspension system to ensure a smooth ride even on bumpy roads and a powerful brake system.

However, if the layer of snow is more than 6 inches, avoid venturing out no matter how good your mobility scooter or wheelchair is.

Invest in Good Quality Mobility Scooters in Newcastle

Do not let the snowy weather keep you indoors. Enjoy the outdoors with precautions in place. Be sure to buy high-quality mobility devices.

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