New VS Used Mobility Scooters

When buying mobility scooters, a common confusion is whether to go for used or new models. Used mobility scooters and new vehicles come with their own pros and cons. Here are some key factors to consider, to make an informed decision:

Vehicle Usability

With a new scooter, you get a brand-new vehicle that will work for you wonderfully for the first few years. A used vehicle does not give you such guarantees; but, you can still get a reliable vehicle with a trustworthy dealer of used mobility scooters. Such dealers focus on delivering the best customer experience, and therefore will stock used vehicles that are in perfect condition.

Existing Vehicle Condition

With a new scooter, you obviously get a high-performing vehicle with new parts. With a pre-owned vehicle, it is important to get information about:

  • Battery Condition – Know when the batteries were last replaced. Batteries older than a year or two need to be charged often, and may necessitate early replacement.
  • Tyre Condition – Check for worn out and infilled tyres. Tyres in this condition may have to be replaced sooner.
  • Running Condition– Go for a test drive to know if you are comfortable with the used vehicle.

Vehicle Models

Mobility scooters are available in 3- and 4-wheel options. 3-wheeled scooters are best if you are looking for lighter vehicles with a great degree of manoeuvrability. Four-wheeled scooters are sturdier, and offer stability. Analyse your needs to know which vehicle type would suit you best.

If you are going for a new vehicle, you’ll have a range of models to choose from, with all the features you require.

With used vehicles, you may not be able to experience such freedom of choice, as you’ll have to select from available lot.

A used scooter, obviously offers more cost benefits than a new vehicle. A fantastic bargain can become useless if the used vehicle comes with a load of problems. Choose a used vehicle only if you are completely satisfied with its existing condition, otherwise a new vehicle is your best bet.

Mobility Direct North supplies both brand-new and used mobility scooters. Our new vehicles are in perfect condition, and you can avail some of the best deals with us. We also have a range of models in new vehicles. Call 0191 285 4245 for enquiries.