Expand your Travelling Horizons with Pavement Scooters

Having mobility issues does not mean you must stay indoors always. Pavement scooters enable you to venture outdoors independently and safely.

Go around Your Neighbourhood Peacefully

A pavement scooter is built for use on pavements, not roads. They do not therefore need the legal formality of a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) registration.

These vehicles are the best mode of transport to your local grocery, shopping malls and other local areas.

Be Seated Comfortably

Unlike small boot scooters, a pavement scooter is bigger in size and build, and can accommodate people on the heavier side, comfortably.

Pavement scooter vehicles also offer greater stability unlike boot scooters, which can wobble on bumpy grounds and cause batteries to fall. Pavement scooter types come with an efficient suspension system, which absorbs the shock of bumps and uneven grounds smoothly.

Get Convenience and Safety

Since you’ll not be using pavement vehicles on the road, risk of accidents is greatly minimised. These vehicles feature very powerful batteries. This translates into great convenience for you when travelling – your vehicles will run long distances without stopping midway. In fact, some vehicle models can cover 20 miles once charged.

Unlike road scooters, which feature a maximum speed of 6 or 8mph, a pavement scooter comes with a speed limit of 4mph, which ensures that you don’t overspeed and stay safe on pavements.

Get Better Ergonomics

A pavement scooter comes with a delta tiller bar, which unlike a regular tiller bar, makes it easier for riders with limited hand movements to use the vehicle. The scooter can be controlled with pull and push movements of the delta tiller, which is useful for people with arthritis of the hand or other joint issues.

Get More Features

In addition to the delta tiller bar, a pavement scooter has other practical features, including a padded seat, softer armrests and an adjustable mirror. These vehicles offer greater personalisation and comfort to the rider than road or boot scooters.

A pavement scooter is best if you are looking for a safer, efficient and comfortable vehicle for your local travel.

Mobility Direct North has a range of pavement scooters that we would be happy to demonstrate for you with no conditions attached, at your doorstep. Call us at 0191 285 4245 for enquiries.