Save Money with a Pre-Owned Scooter


Buying a mobility scooter can be a huge expense especially for those who are not any benefits. When you want to be mobile without facing a huge bill, a pre-owned scotter is the perfect solution.

At Mobility Direct North, we offer a variety of pre owned mobility scooters in top condition. Let’s take a look at some benefits of investing in a pre owned mobility scooter.


This is a no brainer really. A pre owned scooter is a lot lighter on your pocket.

Different types of mobility vehicles, including 3-, 4- and 5-wheel, or lightweight or heavy-duty varieties, are available in the pre-owned vehicle market. Buying a brand new vehicle in your desired category may be expensive while a used vehicle in a very good condition can result in substantial cost savings for you.

Access to Fantastic Features

You may want to have features such as strong battery life, front baskets, lights, digital dashboard, canopy, greater weight capacity, and fantastic mileage on a full battery.

It can be utterly expensive if you are looking to buy a new vehicle loaded with features. With a pre-owned vehicle, these features come at highly affordable rates.

Sometimes, older models with a set of comfortable features may no longer be available. Such vehicles can be found in the pre-owned market.

Perfect for First Timers

A pre owned vehicle is also a good option if you are trying a mobility scooter for the first time. The degree of heartbreak resulting from damages such as scratches and abrasions on a pre-owned vehicle is usually lesser than that experienced on seeing damages on a brand new expensive vehicle.

Good Maintenance

A pre owned vehicle that is in excellent condition will surely have seen good service. So, you save on the intitial service and maintenance costs that come with a new scooter. In addition, a well-maintained vehicle will have had its kinks ironed out before reaching you.

A pre owned mobility scooter has several benefits indeed. But, it is also important to test your comfort level with the vehicle. Test-drive a vehicle you are interested in before making a purchase decision. Contact Mobility Direct North today to schedule a visit to one of our North East dealerships.