Relax in a Rise and Recliner Chair

Is getting in and out of an armchair proving to be difficult for you? Are you struggling with mobility issues? Worry no more. Get easy access to a wide variety of mobility products including rise and recliner chairs in Newcastle. Mobility Direct North is a one-stop shop for mobility products including rise and recliner chairs in North East.

Benefits of Rise and Recliner Chairs

Aging and illness can make a seemingly easy task such as getting into and out of an armchair very difficult to manage. Often, the sick and the elderly need the assistance of a caregiver to just sit up or stand.

Rise and recliner chairs are meant to make life easier with their extra comfort and design. Make the chair rise and tilt forward when you wish to stand up. Make the chair recline when you want to relax. All at the touch of a button.

These chairs are designed for everyday use. Whether in a care home or at your own residence, you can now make your more comfortable with rise and recliner chairs.

Our rise and recliner chairs in Newcastle come with a wide variety of features. You can choose from chairs with padded arms, backrest and footrest that operate separately, and higher leg elevation for more comfort. Also choose from fabric and material that you like and colours that appeal to you.

Wide Range of Products

When it comes to rise and recliner chairs in North East, Newcastle, Mobility Direct North is the only shop to offer you almost 27 types of rise and recliner chairs besides other top-of-the-line mobility products.

Connect with our expert staff in-store to help you with a demonstration or connect with us online and call us for a quote and request assistance from the comforts of your home. Our rise and recliner chairs come with a warranty ranging from 1 year to 5 years and the best prices.

Service Even in Times of a Pandemic

We are committed to providing you the best service when you visit our store. However, the pandemic has made it mandatory for us to work with less staff and more protocols and sanitisation procedures.

This also means you will have to leave your mobility scooter outside when you visit our store for purchase or repairs. We hope you will understand. Need an in-home demonstration for your loved elderly in the family? We can do it for you.