Road and Pavement Scooters: the Differences


If your confidence is low when it comes to walking and you find yourself staying home because of this worry then you will be very interested in a mobility scooter.

A mobility scooter can give you the freedom to travel where you’d like with an astounding ease, which will give you the confidence you need to get out of the house whenever you feel like it.

There are a few different choices when it comes to mobility scooters and they are all perfect for those who can travel independently and get on and off the scooter when necessary.

The two types of mobility scooter for you to consider are road and pavement scooters and here are the fundamental differences to help you decide which one is best suited to your needs.

The Road Scooter

This type of scooter, as the name suggests, can be used on both the pavement and the road due to its class level. They are often bigger than the average pavement scooter and can do 4mph on the pavement and 8mph on the roads.

These scooters offer the very best in comfort and back support due to their size which makes them popular for those who suffer from back pain. If you feel that you may need to use your scooter on roads as well as pavement then the road scooter is ideal for both terrains and the motorcycle technology applied to our models means that you will be able to conquer any lumps and bumps in the road with maximum efficiency.

The road scooter will need to be taxed to use it on the roads and due to their size they will require a larger space to house. The road scooter however will come equipped with lights and a horn as well a battery life that is often superior to that of a pavement scooter. If you don’t have a car to travel in then the road scooter might be the best option for you as road access comes in very useful.

The Pavement Scooter

This type of scooter is only suitable for pavement and indoor use. They are light in weight which makes them very useful for using inside shopping centres etc. and they are a lot easier to store due to their size.

If you also have a car then this may be the better option for you as the pavement scooter is easily transportable especially if you take a look at the boot scooter range which offers foldable scooters, ideal to transport in the boot of your car.

The pavement scooter is perfect for those who need support in manoeuvring around their homes, the streets and supermarkets with an ease that can give you a new found confidence.

Whatever scooter you decide will best suit your needs you can be sure that, with Mobility Direct North, you will have the very best in quality to choose from. We offer the best scooters around and with a plethora of different colours and styles to choose from you’ll be sure to find the perfect scooter to get you back out on the streets.