Road Scooters – A Buyer’s Guide


Road scooters belong to the Class 3 category of mobility vehicles. They can be used on the road at a maximum speed of 8mph, and 4mph on non-road areas. It is mandatory to register a road scooter.

If you are looking to buy a road scooter, here are some pointers to help you choose a vehicle that best fits your needs:

Test Drive your Vehicle

Try your vehicle before making a buying decision. A good vehicle allows you to sit comfortably in a straight posture. There will be enough leg space and greater freedom of movement. You’ll also find it easier to reach for, and use, all controls easily.

Ask about Vehicle’s Weight Specifications

The best road scooters in Newcastle & the North East are those that can handle your body weight efficiently – know about the vehicle’s maximum weight handling capacity.

Do not go for a model just because it is lighter in weight. The vehicle may not be able to take your weight and become unstable when used. Vehicle warranty may not cover such reasons, and you’ll end up with wasted money and an inefficient vehicle.

Assess Storage Needs

Road scooters are usually heavy and need their batteries to be charged. The best way to accommodate this need is to park them outside in an enclosed space such as a garage. Ensure that the room is safe, dry and has a mains plug to enable charging. If you don’t have an individual space, you’ll have to make required arrangements in any of your living rooms.

Study Features Carefully

Road scooters in Newcastle & North East are available with a range of attractive features. Ensure that all vehicle features are of use to you. Assess how frequently you’ll be using a chosen feature. Does it help your mobility condition? It is better not to waste money on features of little use to you.

For example, a vehicle with a safety turning sensor may not be essential if you have good upper body balance and arm control. In this case, you could go for a cheaper no-sensor model.

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