Stay Active With a Walking Aid


So many people around the world are affected by mobility problems. Whether it be arthritis, back pain, joint pain or simply old age that prevents you from your day to day tasks it is important to be aware that there are solutions to help.

A great way to overcome your lack of mobility and get back on your feet is with one of our walking aids. A walking aid can be used in the home and outdoors to ensure you feel confident on your feet.

The walking aid will minimise the chance of a fall which will give you the confidence to roam around your home and the outside world with the independence you deserve.

People who suffer from a lack of mobility will find that the hardest part can be getting up initially from a chair or bed. The walking aid will give you the support you need to find your balance and the support you need to manoeuvre freely without risk.

Whether you miss being able to waltz around the kitchen or explore the local supermarket, a walking aid is the perfect solution to get you back on your feet with confidence.

Independence is crucial to most people’s lives and a walking aid can restore your independence by giving you an increased mobility and encouraging you to leave the house without the worry of falling over.

Choice, choice, choice

If there’s one thing you’ll be sure to find at Mobility Direct North its choice. Browse our walking aid options to find your ideal match. A hot favourite is the 2-in-1 Rollator and Transit Chair which can be used as both a walking aid and a wheelchair. This option gives you the potential to walk independently and to sit and be pushed if you’re in need of a rest.

All of our walking aids are affordable and the innovative design that goes into them makes them the best that you can get. A walking aid will give you the confidence to get out of the chair and start using your home to its full potential once again.