Take Back Your Confidence With A Mobility Scooter


For anyone who has a problem with their mobility and finds that their trips outdoors are constantly restricted due to this mobility limitation then a mobility scooter is the perfect solution for you.

A mobility scooter could be the difference between you sitting at home all day, too worried about going outside, or getting out there and regaining your confidence and drive to live your life to the full.

There is an absolute plethora of choice out there for you which will make choosing a scooter an exciting experience and a guarantee that you will find something that is just right for you.

However, something to remember is that with the vast range of mobility scooters on offer comes the need to consider exactly what purpose you will have for yours. The reason there is so much choice out there is that you need to pick a scooter that is comfortable for you, can take you where you need to be, and is stylish and practical for your needs. Here are some things to consider.

Do you need to use the road?

If you will be taking your scooter onto the roads as well as pavements then it is imperative that you opt for an 8mph road scooter which will be wonderful for getting you from A to B.

Our road scooters boast some incredible suspension which will make going over every bump in the road easy and unnoticeable. If you don’t need to use the road then it may be more beneficial to go for one of the 4mph options which again offer the very best in engineering with some innovative design to make them a pleasant ride all round.

Is comfort everything?

If comfort is key for your scooter choice then I would strongly recommend one of the larger, pavement models which offer prime comfort for those who suffer with back ache and other pains.

If you don’t suffer from back pains and want something a little more agile and space efficient then there are plenty of smaller options that still offer ample comfort. Take a look at some of the sporty versions for a agile and stylish look which will be an enjoyable experience all round.

Is your scooter to go with your car?

For a lot of people a scooter is only needed for shopping as they have a car and if this is the case for you it is apparent that you will need a boot scooter which we stock in large quantities.

These are ideal for trips to the supermarket where you can fold them easily into your car and assemble them in seconds in the car park. They are light and easy to control making them perfect for manoeuvring up and down the aisles with ease.

Road, Pavement or Boot… Mobility Direct North can help you make the right choice!