The Importance of Regular Scooter Servicing


When you want to keep your scooter in good condition and ensure it performs well at all times, be sure to have it serviced regularly. It also helps in detecting problems before they become grave.

Mobility Direct North is your trusted service centre for mobility scooters in Newcastle. We operate a local workshop with in-house engineers, which means our service is quick and reliable.

Here’s a look at the benefits of regularly servicing your mobility scooter.

Regular Servicing Removes Dirt and Dust Build-Up

Your mobility scooter can gather a lot of dust and dirt, especially if its outdoors a lot. When your scooter is not cleaned regularly, dust will accumulate, especially in the undercarriage.

This can affect its performance and can even cause irritating sounds. What’s more, when you ride your scooter through puddles, it will attract mud and moisture, which when left unchecked, can lead to rusting.

Regular Servicing Helps Identify Battery Issues

If the batteries do not seem to be holding charge as they were before, then it may be time to replace them. If you are keeping your scooter in a cool damp place, batteries get exposed to moisture, which shortens their lifespan. The use of inappropriate chargers too can affect battery performance and life.

Our service mechanics can detect such issues as part of the servicing.

Regular Servicing Keeps Tyre Problems at Bay

Tyre safety is an important part of safe riding. That’s why it’s important to identify tyre issues in a timely manner. A regular servicing can help keep tyre issues at bay.

Your tyres must be checked for wear and tear as well as punctures. In case the tyres have worn out, they must be replaced without further delay.

While you can carry out simple daily checks, regular servicing calls for skilled hands.

As a leading dealership specialising in mobility scooters in the North East, Mobility Direct North is best-placed to meet your servicing needs. Our in-house engineers check your vehicle thoroughly for any issues.

While annual maintenance is usually the norm for mobility scooters, it helps to check with your manufacturer to know the recommended servicing period applicable for your scooter.

Mobility Direct North offers a fantastic 48-hour service and repair for mobility scooters purchased from us through our Motability scheme. When you are looking for quality mobility scooters or servicing in the North East, contact Mobility Direct North. Call 0191 285 4245 now to make an appointment.