The Top Accessories for Your Mobility Scooter

It is a busy time of the year again, and you are probably going to use your mobility scooter regularly. If you lack the necessary accessories for your scooter, you could inconvenience your loved ones when you keep asking for help. But we’ve got you covered.

We have compiled a list of the top accessories you need for your mobility scooters in Newcastle to make your life easy for you and your loved ones.

Seat and Control Panel Covers

Your scooter needs care and protection. Buying a control panel cover and the scooter seat cover is good preparation for different weather conditions. The modern covers can resist wear and tear that comes with frequent use of your mobility scooter. Seat and control panel covers are available in different designs and are elasticated to suit different scooter models.

Scooter Storage Cover

You probably shelter your mobility scooter from harsh outdoor conditions but not the dust that can destroy it when stored indoors. Even though you can clean your scooter, a storage cover can reduce your routine cleaning chores.

You can fit or remove the heavy-duty cover conveniently when the need arises. Consider investing in waterproof covers that match the size and design of your mobility scooter in North East.

Tiller Accessory Pack

Handles and control panels are the most used parts of a mobility scooter. It is critical to protect these parts with the tiller accessory pack, which comes with a storage bag, transparent cover, and basket cover. This is a must-have accessory for those who want to protect their mobility scooter

Walking Stick Bag

The tiller pack has a storage bag, but space could be a limiting factor. The clutch bag fits perfectly on the back of most wheelchairs and mobility scooters, so you can conveniently hold other objects. The bag has a storage section that doesn’t take up much space in your scooter. It has a reflective strip to increase visibility by other pedestrians.

Lined Poncho

Most people feel like they are used to the prevailing weather conditions, but things can change unexpectedly. You should not protect your mobility scooter and forget to protect yourself when it is raining. The scooter poncho is waterproof to protect you and keep you warm and comfortable.

PVI Utility Ramp

A ramp is essential if you want to avoid obstacles when travelling. There are many types of ramps designed for different mobility scooters. The PVI utility ramp suits different wheel positions and is lightweight to meet your needs.

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