Top Tips for First Time Buyers

Mobility scooters are a means of independence for senior adults and people having difficulty moving. But, the range of choices available in the market can make it difficult for first time buyers to choose the right scooter. If you are a first-time buyer, here are a few tips to consider when buying a mobility scooter.

3-Wheelers for Indoor Usage

Three-wheeled scooters help you to handle small turns and curves indoors more efficiently. They also come with more leg space, enabling you to use the vehicle comfortably.

Four-wheel scooters are low on maintenance. Compact models can be beneficial, especially if you live on top floors and want to transport the vehicle through a lift.

4-Wheelers for Balance

A 4-wheeled vehicle gives you better balance and stability, which means you’ll able be to control the scooter better. Four-wheelers can be used indoors and outdoors. They are particularly useful if you want to travel longer distances outdoors. These vehicles feature powerful motors and strong batteries for extensive outdoor usage.

Heavy Duty Scooters

Heavy duty mobility scooters can weigh as much as 500lbs. These vehicles can be 3- or 4-wheeled. They feature a broader seat and premium features such as enhanced suspension and full lighting. They offer greater speed specifications than standard scooters.

With heavy duty motors and powerful batteries working for you, you can cover longer distances at greater speeds. Heavy-duty scooters are excellent for indoors and outdoors.

Legal Requirements

A mobility scooter does not necessitate a driving license.

A mobility scooter intended for pavement usage and featuring a maximum speed specification of 4mph comes under Class 2 category legally. These scooters are not allowed on the road and can be used only on pavements and pedestrian crossings.

Class 3 vehicles have a maximum speed of 8mph and features such as emergency handbrakes, horn, lights and indicators, and a back-view mirror. If you are driving a Class 3 vehicle, you are exempt from road tax.

Mobility Direct North has a full range of mobility scooters to suit your every need. We deal in both pre-owned and brand-new vehicles. Our mobility scooter range is available in-store and online. We’ll be happy to guide you in choosing the right scooter.

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