Top Tips for Looking After your Mobility Scooter


Good maintenance helps ensure your mobility scooter stays in good condition. It also helps prolong your scooter’s performance. To start with, be sure to go through your scooter’s manual thoroughly. The owner’s manual can guide you in taking good care of your scooter and prevent any accidental damage. It is equally important to service your vehicle at least once a year. Be sure to visit an authorised mobility scooters service centre in Newcastle & North East.

Take Care of Batteries

  • Always keep your batteries charged. Charge them immediately after a long trip. If you are worried about overcharging, fret not. Most modern scooter models are designed to switch off automatically after a full charge.
  • Charge your batteries even if they are used only occasionally. Charge them once every week at least. Failing to charge batteries regularly can damage them permanently.
  • Charge batteries only using chargers that are supplied with your scooter. Using larger, smaller or other chargers can damage the original capacity of the batteries.
  • Leave your scooter in a warmer place during winters to ensure that the battery performs well.

Keep the Scooter Clean & Dry

Keep dirt and grime away, especially in the area surrounding the battery terminals. Keep seats, mudguards and wheels free of dirt and grime. Dirt, grime and other debris can find a way down to your scooter’s moving parts and affect their performance. Use a soft, damp cloth for scooter exteriors.

Prevent accumulation of moisture. Where possible, avoid leaving your scooter in areas exposed to extreme temperatures or in spaces where the scooter can get fully drenched. Use accessories such as tarps for additional protection against moisture, dust and grime.

Maintain Tyres at the Right Air Pressure

If your mobility scooters feature pneumatic tyres, maintaining the right air pressure is important to enjoy a smooth ride. Using the vehicle without appropriately pressurised tyres can damage them, you may have to replace them entirely.

Get your Mobility Scooters Serviced Regularly

Regular service reveals any issues with batteries or other components of your mobility scooter. A yearly inspection should be enough if you are maintaining your vehicle in good condition.

An expert service usually includes complete battery check-up. The battery is subjected to real-time stress to get it completely discharged. The battery is then evaluated for any issues.

Be sure to leave your scooter in the hands of a professional mobility scooters service centre.

Even with excellent care, sometimes something might just go wrong with your scooter. In such cases, trust Mobility Direct North to give you the best service. We are an authorised mobility scooters service centre in Newcastle & North East service with our own workshop, which means faster delivery for you.

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