Top tips to make your home heating more efficient

Are the rising energy costs hurting your monthly budget? No matter what you do, the bill only seems to rise every month. With winter around the corner, you might wonder what you could do to reduce your energy bills.

Here are our top tips to make your home heating more efficient.

Turn down the thermostat

Begin by keeping the thermostat at lower levels. This is not easy, especially in the chilly winter months. However, the lower the thermostat, the lower your energy bills would be.

You don’t have to make a dramatic shift, just a couple of degrees lower than your usual level can make a huge difference. By lowering the thermostat by a degree, you can save about 10% of your energy bill.

If the house becomes a bit too cold, close the curtains or get thermal curtains to help retain heat. Consider installing a smart thermometer to save hundreds of pounds a year.

Schedule annual boiler maintenance

A malfunctioning boiler is not only an energy guzzler but it is dangerous too. Dirty boilers can bring in mould and allergens. Carbon monoxide fumes are hazardous to your family’s health.

When your boiler hasn’t been cleaned for years and worn-out parts have not been changed, your heating system works harder to generate heat, which wastes energy. Annual boiler maintenance helps ensure your heating system runs efficiently.

Insulate your home

Retaining the heat is the most effective way to improve your home’s heating efficiency. Your boiler does not have to work too hard when you are not losing heat. There are several things you can do to improve your building’s ability to retain the heat:

  • Insulate your attic
  • Identify draft-prone spots around windows and doors and seal them.
  • Install multi-pane windows
  • Blown-in insulation can fill gaps between the exterior surface and interior walls.

Change the air filter

Dirty air filters are inefficient. Because they block the flow of air, your furnace has to work that much harder. However, there’s an easy solution: replace the air filter regularly to keep your home heating efficient. Investing in a washable air filter is also a good option. Simply remove the air filter regularly and clean it using a vacuum cleaner.

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