Upgrading to a Powerchair

If mobility issues are bothering you (or someone in the family), powerchairs are just the thing you need. Powerchairs, also known as powered wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs, can give you the freedom to move about indoors and outdoors.

Tired of being restricted to your chair or bed? Enjoy a sense of newfound independence when you upgrade to a powerchair.

Why a Powerchair Makes Better Sense than a Wheelchair?

Traditional wheelchairs can give you perfect mobility but can still pose a problem if you do not have the strength to self-propel them. Alternatively, you will need someone to push them for you.

A powerchair or electric wheelchair makes more sense in this case.

Offering excellent manoeuvrability with its powerful motor along with comfort and safety, a powerchair is your ideal companion when you wish to explore a bit more.

Wide Range of Powerchairs in Newcastle and North East

Mobility Direct North offers a wide range of power chairs in Newcastle. Our compact models, heavy-duty variants as well as easy to dismantle models give you every comfort feature you always dreamt of.

Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, you will find them to be the best power chairs in North East and Newcastle. Browse through our wide range of mobility products online. Take a look at our mobility scooters and best power chairs in Newcastle.

With almost 26 different power chairs that boast aesthetic design, seat adjustment, safety wheels, LED light options, control options and more, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing power chairs in Newcastle.

Store Visits During Covid-19 Pandemic

Our in-store staff has been fully trained to handle all protocols during the pandemic and give you the best service as always. However, due to the Covid-19 guidelines still prevalent, there are some changes in the way we function.

We are working with minimal staff and follow mandatory sanitisation procedures at all times. Until things turn normal, we have some restrictions in place. When you visit our store for purchase or repairs, we may ask you to leave your mobility scooter outside. We hope you understand.

Whether you are looking to buy your first mobility scooter or wheelchair or want to upgrade to the latest power chairs in North East, we are here for you. Talk to us and we can help you decide.

Don’t want to step out of your home yet? Call us and we can schedule a free no-obligation home demonstration right away to help you understand which mobility product will suit you the best.