Using your Mobility Scooter in Winter

A mobility scooter is a lifesaver. It helps you get around quickly and easily. When conditions are ideal, riding your mobility scooter is a breeze. But riding your mobility scooter in the winter is entirely different. The snow presents numerous hazards for road users including mobility scooter riders. You may wonder whether riding your mobility scooter in Newcastle or anywhere in North East for that matter is worth the trouble.

With the right precautions and some planning, you can use your mobility scooter without any trouble. Here are our top tips for using a mobility scooter in winter.

Tread Icy Roads with Caution

When the roads are covered in ice, driving your mobility scooter is not only difficult but very dangerous. But that in no way means you should completely keep away from the roads during winter. Follow these precautions:

  • Go slow
  • Avoid steep hills and especially icy surfaces
  • Look out for other hazards (including other cars and drivers)

Make Yourself Visible

In the winter months, the sun rises and sets late. When you are out on your mobility scooter, be sure to keep yourself visible to not only other motorists but also pedestrians. A high visibility jacket can ensure you are visible to everyone. Install safety lights on the front and back of your scooter to make sure you are seen even when the light level is low.

Check the Tyres Regularly

It’s important to check your mobility scooter tyres, especially in the winter months as snow and cold can cause significant damage. The ice and snow and the extra moisture on the ground can prove hazardous for your tyres.

So check them regularly to make sure your scooter is road safe at all times. If you are not sure, bring your mobility scooter to our store in Newcastle and North East for an inspection and servicing.

Get a Scooter Cape

Invest in a good quality scooter cape to protect you and your scooter from the rain and wind. A scooter cape typically comes with velcro slots that accommodate your scooter’s wing mirrors. The clear front panel ensures you can see the controls clearly and operate the lights during low visibility conditions.

Mobility Scooters in Newcastle and North East

Mobility Direct North provide a whole range of mobility scooters across the North East. Our store is open through the winter months. However, there are some changes owing to the pandemic. We are working with minimal staff and have implemented social distancing protocols for the safety of our customers and employees.