Why You Should Consider Buying a Mobility Scooter


A mobility scooter makes life better and livelier. By being a trustworthy companion, these vehicles are sure to become an important reason for your happy life. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a mobility scooter.

Claim Your Independence

Whether you want to go the nearest grocery store or to the mall, you need not wait for others or adjust your schedule to accommodate them. With a mobility scooter, you can go about your day without depending on others.

Whether it is a short distance journey or a long travel, there are mobility scooters to suit your every need. With foldable and portable scooter options, it is possible to pack your mobility scooter and travel to any place around the world.

All that is necessary is to choose the right mobility scooter that fits your lifestyle demands.

With Mobility Direct North, you get a highly experienced service provider capable of understanding your demands and guiding you in choosing the right scooter.

Our mobility scooters dealerships in Newcastle & the North East comes with years of experience in catering to the needs of the aged, physically challenged and disabled people. Our clients have their independence restored within and outside their homes with our wide range of mobility scooters and other mobility-aiding products.

Build Confidence and Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle

With the right mobility scooter to attend to your needs, you would be raving to go out to complete your errands without compromising your safety in any manner.

Accomplishing tasks on your own and having an independent life in general, is bound to up your confidence levels. You find life fulfilling, which reflects in your daily dealings with others. You will also be more prone to making friends and viewing life with more optimism.

Healthy confidence and a social life are extremely important to beat loneliness that could creep in, especially if you are feeling sorry for yourself and your disability.

To give you more confidence and best value for money, Mobility Direct North ensures that you get the safest scooter for your needs.

Be it our road scooters, pavement scooters, boot scooters, or our pre-owned mobility vehicle line, at our mobility scooters dealerships across Newcastle and the North East, we check every vehicle for quality.

As a result, you get scooters that stand by you in any situation!

Overcome Your Fears

Being unable to move cripples you not only physically but also mentally. With fear about your own safety outdoors and life in general, gripping you, you’ll be less inclined to enjoy life or see the brighter side of it.

With their easy-to-operate mechanisms, the variety of practical features, and attractive looks, mobility scooters can transform your lives for the best.

Mobility Direct North’s high-grade vehicles ensure your safety by preventing injury-related accidents. Our vehicles put modern technology to best use to give you the best scooter experience while ensuring utmost convenience and safety.

Our road scooter models, for example, come with an adjustable suspension feature, which makes a bumpy ride extremely smooth and safe. Our pavement scooter models feature energy-efficient LED light fixtures for safety at nights.

In Conclusion

At Mobility Direct North, we offer a comprehensive range of mobility scooters. We offer a wide range of new and pre-owned mobility products, vehicle service and repair, affordable pricing (under the Motability Scheme), and warm and efficient customer service.

We also offer free-of-cost no-obligation home demonstrations for your benefit – call us at 0191 285 4245 today for more information.